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The Magic Of Making Up Review. Does it really work?


Magic of Making Up Overview

The Magic Of Making Up is a step-by-step plan for anyone who has recently gone through a breakup and wants to get their ex back. I found the advice to be really helpful and easy to follow – it was as though TW Jackson (or T Dub) took me by the hand and walked me through each and every step to get back with my ex.

This is the process the Magic Of Making Up took me through:

  1. Getting to grips with my break up and identifying what caused it.
  2. Preparing my mind to get my ex back.
  3. Looking deeper into my relationship to see where it had gone wrong.
  4. Following the system, where I learned exactly what to say and do, and in which order, to get my ex interested in me again.

What is really impressive is how detailed the advice was. I was never left figuring out anything on my own. For example, there was a whole section about getting my ex to go on a date with me.

After reading it I literally knew what to say and when to say it, and what to do if my ex acted a certain way or was not willing to see me. TW Jackson’s advice covers all the “what if” scenarios.

The only problem you may have is being able to absorb all the information and strategies at once. But this is not really a bad thing, because once you finish reading the book, you will have confidence in knowing how to get your lover back. I did!

magic of making up review by tracy james

Hey! This is Tracy James here … and you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about The Magic of Making Up.

How I Discovered The Magic Of Making Up

When I went through a breakup, I was desperate to get my ex back by any means possible. The fact that the love of my life of 5 years had decided to call it quits just did not make sense to me. And I was determined to fix my relationship.

I had tried other relationship books before, but most of them seemed to be written by rich housewives who had probably never gone through a breakup in their lives before. Well, that’s my opinion anyway!

After seeing me in such an emotional state, a good friend of mine suggested I try the Magic of Making Up. She said it was the latest relationship book on the market and that it had already saved over 6100 relationships in 2008.

At first I was a rather skeptical, but since the recommendation was coming from a close friend, I decided to give it a go, and this is my experience with the guide…

4 Ways This System Helped Me

The Clean Slate technique – This showed me how to “write off the old relationship” and give it a clean, new meaning. At first I struggled to use this technique, since it required me to change my attitude, and stop being so defensive. But when I mastered it, the results were amazing – I found that it not only improved my relationship with my lover, but with my friends and family too.

Second Chance letter – TW Jackson understands that a lot of us find it hard to open up and write a great love letter. So he not only provided 20 pages of important advice on what to write in the letter to get my ex thinking about me, but also provided me with a template to follow and use as my own. It was a great short-cut to getting my feelings out effectively.

The Fast Forward strategy – I was really suffering from a broken heart after the breakup, so this 5-step plan really helped get me on the fast-track to getting over the emotional pain. This gave me the confidence to get my ex back.

The Instant Reconnect method – This stealthy form of persuasion showed me how to use psychological triggers to get my ex thinking of how good we were together. It was dead easy to master, and absolutely amazing to see how well it worked – as I found my ex begging me to take them back!

Magic Of Making Up: Pros and Cons

Following are the advantages of using Magic Of Making Up

  • TW Jackson is a down-to-earth guy. Watch his videos on the product page and I think you’ll agree he really cares about helping people.
  • Helped over 50,000 people
  • Practical ideas anyone can use
  • Bonus book “Clean Slate Method” that shows you how to apologize and get forgiveness
  • Bonus book “Mind Magic” which contains extra ideas to win back your ex

Summary of Cons

  • The ebook is only 62 pages. However, there’s little fluff in the book and the “Mind Magic” bonus with its extra tips to get your ex back makes up for any shortness.
  • Some ideas seem simple. One famous trick is the “instant reconnect technique” where you lean over a dinner table to wipe off an imaginary piece of food from your ex’s mouth. The theory TW Jackson gives behind it is lovers only do this. Though the technique appears simple, it can work. Also, other techniques in the book are more effective.

Magic Of Making Up: Does it Really Work


The Magic of Making Up ebook uses simple and effective processes known to help couples re-unite.

This particular book gives answers that shows you when to begin acting towards a resolution that allows you to start again with your ex.

This includes knowing how to use specific situations, such as another girlfriend or boyfriend, to your advantage, as well as secrets for bonding and re-connecting with your loved one almost instantly.

Everything is aimed to help you get back in touch with your loved one to start over again.

There’s heaps of bullet points in the ebook (which is in a easy downloadable pdf format) so it’s a to-the-point guide with little fluff. TW Jackson seems to be a real honest guy looking to help people who broke up.

Reviews hitting this book are showing its concepts and ideas provide the ultimate solution for getting back with your ex.

Several people who’ve read and implemented the advice given say it works at getting couples back together, dating again, and even moving back into a marriage after divorce!

This course is one of my recommendations to help get your ex back. Through The Magic of Making Up, you can find the secrets, moves, and tricks that allow couples who broke up to get back into a relationship.

Will The Magic of Making Up Work For You?

the magic of making up scam

Look, what I have said about the Magic of Making Up is my honest experience with the guide and TW Jackson’s techniques. I was in a desperate state when I bought the book.

I had tried other relationship advice before, but with little success. My friends and family did not really understand my situation, so they could not help me either.

I was determined to get my ex back, and stop them from slipping out my life. And I believe the Magic of Making Up is the sole reason I was able to get my ex back, and have a stronger relationship than ever before.

So will it work for you? Only you can really answer that question. But what I can say is that the guide is for anyone who is serious about saving their relationship or marriage, without ever having to resolve to begging and pleading. If you follow it properly and take action, you will most probably see your ex begging you to take them back. That’s what happened to me and it was a really nice situation to be in!

If you believe your relationship is worth saving, then follow T Dub’s advice. Honestly, you have nothing to lose!

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magic of making up review by tracy james

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