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Venus Factor System Review

Venus Factor System consumer review, the John Barban revolutionary Weight Loss Program for Women, success today on the Internet. Discover all details of the complete method from a professional optician to see if Venus Factor is really you need for lose weight and look the body you want.


Continue your reading because when you finish reading this report you will be able to decide for yourself if The Venus Factor is the New Way Forward for Your New Body and Your New Welfare.

Sam Duvall
Hello My name is Sam Duvall, I’m female personal trainer in New Jersey Today I will give you my opinion about Venus Factor System

I have taken the time to write about this revolutionary program, so you can be sure to understand how Venus Factor System works. So you can decide if John Barban fits your need to change your body, to one sexier and healthier.

I began to apply the Venus Factor System in my more demanding patients about a few months ago. I Met the details and understood how this program really works effectively in hard bodies, or with serious genetic problems. I must admit that it has not been easy, but it was an incredibly wonderful and very fruitful experience.

Today, I am able to give you assurance of its efficiency, because I have seen with my own eyes the day to day development. That said, I agree with you to be as brief and concise as possible.

DON´T Buy Venus Factor System BEFORE reading this report.

I want to warn you that this system has nothing to do with:

  • Exercise Machines.
  • Slow and boring cardio exercises.
  • Restrictive diets that starve you to death.
  • Pills highly harmful to your health.
  • Absolutely NO.

Venus Factor System is something different, innovative and 100% secure.
Venus Ffactor Consumer Reports news

Who tries J. BArban´s Venus Factor System?

Below you will meet some of my patients who have used the program and got results to highlight.

A Difficult Genetics

I come dragging a genetic problem since my teens. I’ve tried everything and I have visited many nutritionists looking for a “magic solution” to achieve the figure I wanted. I’ve never found anything.

When I started with Venus Factor System program, I have advanced in a few days what could never achieve in years.

I was completely happy!! I just wanted to wait the time to practice more and more, to reach my goal. I was to lose 14 kilos. “Using this program I have exceeded my own expectations: down 19 kilos in less than 27 days.” Incredible!!

Ashley Bell

Thyroid affection

Always suffering thyroid affection. I’ve never lost so much weight as lost using this program. I’ve never felt and seen myself so sexy, so confident and so my energy.

I found a really effective solution. I am very satisfied and recommend it with joy.

Hannah Burrows

Mom of Two Daughters

I am 39 years old, two beautiful daughters and a job in an office. I barely have time to take my classes with Sam Duvall.

For my lack of time, I’ve tried everything: pills, diets, fitness, cardio … well: EVERYTHING. Nothing has worked as expected. Not to mention the rebound! Quite daunting.

When we started the program with Sam, I quickly realized that this is something new. The results did not wait to arrive. Good for Venus Factor System and John Barban.
I loved it!

Alison Andrews

John has thought of everything in terms of the tools you need, do not hesitate for one second to start and follow the program step by step.
With great presicion, developed the system in digital format, using all the resources that enable new technologies.

With simple explanations and without spin, you quickly get immersed into a fully healthy motivator absolutely world, full of passion for fitness.

What other professionals are saying?

Kyle Leon from Muscle maximizer says:
This truly revolutionary system has allowed hundreds of my clients lose weight and maintain their ideal body shape permanently

Dr. Christina Hilty, says:
I have never reviewed a personalized nutrition plan so perfectly prepared for the woman’s body and hormonal environment to stimulate fat loss in a fast and sustainable way.
Product Details

Product: Venus Factor Sistem.
Author: John Barban
Category: Weight Loss.
Language: English, Spanish
Format: PDF eBook – Videos.
Last Update: 27/May/2019

Review by Sam Duvall. Fitness and Wellness Professional.

5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 411 votes


  • If you are looking for a magic answer to weight loss.
  • If you do NOT want to get up from the chair, not even to go for a drink.
  • If you just want the magic diet of fashion magazines, worn by a celebrity.
  • If you want those tricks that you know they are not going to work.
  • Let me tell you Venus Factor System is NOT for you.
  • If you find your willing to put aside the answers based on tricks, magic potions and celebrity soap bubbles.
  • Follow a proven system step by step to loss weight for life and find the true answer to losing weight system.
  • If you want to show your body in bikini, as you always dreamed, without damaging your metabolism or spend hours in the gym.
  • Then Venus Factor System is the unique system for you.
Now it's your turn!

  • Now you have the opportunity to change your life, your health and your figure.
  • Now you have the opportunity to take control of your weight loss.
  • Take now a smart decision: Claim the body and the life you want!

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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 411 votes

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